AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-06-13Put ORDER BY field into SELECT list for MySQL 5.7 compatibilityHEADmasterdevelopSilvio
2014-09-23Print default text only if there's no child contentSilvio
2014-03-26Using theme taxonomy_node_tree_listSilvio
2014-03-25Adding jquery drawerSilvio
2013-11-19Minor fix (5)Silvio
2013-11-19Minor fix (4)Silvio
2013-11-19Minor fix (3)Silvio
2013-11-19Minor fix (2)Silvio
2013-11-19Minor fixSilvio
2013-11-19Initial code to remove empty menu items (#1333)Silvio
2013-11-19Implementing static cache at jquery_drawer_page()Silvio
2013-11-19Implementing static cache at jquery_drawer_get_children()Silvio
2013-11-19Split themeable output from logicSilvio
2013-11-19Filter out node revisions by selecting distinct entriesSilvio
2013-11-18Change output testSilvio
2013-11-18Coding styleSilvio
2013-11-18Output when there's no contentSilvio
2013-05-27Do not set foreground and background colorsSilvio
2013-03-19Coding styleSilvio
2012-03-06Should also work when i18n is disabledSilvio
2012-03-06Merge with svnSilvio
2012-02-01Syncing with svnSilvio
2010-10-14Minor fixSilvio
2010-10-14Adding variable jquery_drawer_link (3)Silvio
2010-10-14Adding variable jquery_drawer_link (2)Silvio
2010-10-14Adding variable jquery_drawer_linkSilvio
2010-10-14Coding standardsSilvio
2010-10-14Coding styleSilvio
2010-10-14Coding standards, adding licenseSilvio
2010-10-14Trying to fix #32Silvio
2010-10-14Adding option to not render jquery drawer boxSilvio
2010-10-14Checking for child termsSilvio
2010-10-14Fixing list of vocabularies at block config pageSilvio
2010-10-14Minor changesSilvio
2009-10-16Coding standardsSilvio
2009-10-16Conformance with global variable naming conventionSilvio
2009-10-16More integration with taxonomy_node_treeSilvio
2009-10-16Starting to use taxonomy_node_tree moduleSilvio
2009-10-15Code cleanupSilvio
2009-10-15Rewriting to be taxonomy-orientedSilvio
2009-10-15CSS change and code cleanupsilvio
2009-10-15Initial import; partially workingsilvio