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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-10-01Minor changeSilvio
2010-09-29Method explodeBrackets checking first if hasBracketsSilvio
2010-08-24Using radio buttons for field and subfield selection on appsSilvio
2010-08-20CLI support at CinisisDisplayHelperSilvio
2010-08-19Using field array instead of field name at IsisFinderSilvio
2010-08-18Moving tests to apps folderSilvio
2010-08-16Useting 'field' before setting entry with CinisisDb::main_field_nameSilvio
2010-08-06Adding navitagion scriptSilvio
2010-07-29Minor changeSilvio
2010-05-04Adding config for FBE databaseSilvio
2010-04-09Initial code for perl backendSilvio
2010-04-08CinisisDb::file() now accepts arraysSilvio
2010-03-31Adding classe CinIsisSilvio
2010-03-30Adding config.yamlSilvio