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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-09-17Minor fixesSilvio
2010-09-16Minor display change (2)Silvio
2010-08-25Apps layout enhancementsSilvio
2010-08-24Mutual field<->subfield app linkSilvio
2010-08-24Apps cleanupSilvio
2010-08-24Using radio buttons for field and subfield selection on appsSilvio
2010-08-23Refactoring CSV app using IsisConnectorSilvio
2010-08-20Adding simple search appSilvio
2010-08-20Code cleanupSilvio
2010-08-20Class logger for IsisAuditSilvio
2010-08-20Minor changesSilvio
2010-08-20Using magic methods at CinisisDisplayHelperSilvio
2010-08-20CLI support at CinisisDisplayHelperSilvio
2010-08-19Fixing auditSilvio
2010-08-19Adding IsisEntryIteratorSilvio
2010-08-19Using fid and sid instead of field_key and subfield_key at appsSilvio
2010-08-19Using field array instead of field name at IsisFinderSilvio
2010-08-18Minor fixesSilvio
2010-08-18Adding audit and finder classes, cleanup and organizationSilvio
2010-08-18Removing ending php delimiterSilvio
2010-08-18Moving some apps to the samples folderSilvio
2010-08-18Moving tests to apps folderSilvio