AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-07-27Additional file_load fixes for #11039427.x-1.xSilvio
2011-07-27Checks if ffmpeg extension is available at video_ffmpeg_php transcoderSilvio
2011-07-13Single if block check at generate_thumbnails()Silvio
2011-07-13TODO cleanupSilvio
2011-07-12Merge branch '7.x-1.x' of into 7.x-1.xSilvio
2011-07-12Enhancing error handling at video_ffmpeg_php transcoderSilvio
2011-07-12Remove the library addons and other unwanted folders.Heshan
2011-07-06#1209984 by silvio, Support for ffmpeg-phpHeshan
2011-07-05Adding video_ffmpeg_php transcoderSilvio
2011-07-03#1117018 by hoomanb Multiple resolutions for the same preset/extension not po...Heshan
2011-07-03#1187488 by Alexander Allen Is it thumbanail or thumbnail?Heshan
2011-07-03#1190246 by crispymix VideoJS being passed incorrect player width/heightHeshan
2011-07-03#1192296 by ralf.strobel !cmd_path never gets substitutedHeshan
2011-07-03#866590 by studiotaffi Always saves 'Enable nice' as true.Heshan
2011-05-04Run through the coder module and review the code and documentation of the mod...Heshan
2011-05-01Adding Zencoder module to the dev release.Heshan
2011-04-22#1098908 by anglo Videos not playing if private filesystem chosenHeshan
2011-04-22#1127354 by mrfree cache clear after transcode needs to be ported to d7Heshan
2011-04-22#1128182 by mrfree enabling 'qt-faststart' for mov/mp4 video causes transco...Heshan
2011-04-21#1103942 by anglo array_flip() [function.array-flip]: Can only flip STRING an...Heshan
2011-04-21#1122142 by anglo video word on top of the videoHeshan
2011-04-21Adding metadata for loading only thumbnails with HTML5 video when auto buffer...Heshan
2011-04-06#1092668 by anglo VideoJS player Heshan
2011-04-04#1101272 by kroimpa MKV supportHeshan
2011-04-04#1097836 by anglo Function ereg() is deprecatedHeshan
2011-04-04#93957 by vhmauery Update video .info filesHeshan
2011-04-01#1097836 by anglo Function ereg() is deprecatedHeshan
2011-03-24Remove all unwanted files from the libsHeshan
2011-03-19Updated the hook_theme and video themes, remove theme funcations to video.the...Heshan
2011-03-18Flowplayer support with Flash playHeshan
2011-03-18Fixed the JS issues and Select players and trasncodersHeshan
2011-03-17Moving the get codecs from the convertor to trasncoder instrfaceHeshan
2011-03-17Merge branch '7.x-1.x' of into 7.x-1.xHeshan
2011-03-17Adding node publish only conversion is completed.Heshan
2011-03-16Updated Preset UI and fixed get_codecs functionDalyn Cessac
2011-03-16Removed phpvideotoolkit examplesDalyn Cessac
2011-03-16Merge branch 'refs/heads/7.x-1.x' of Cessac
2011-03-16Added phpvideotoolkit transcoder and updates to the preset uiDalyn Cessac
2011-03-16Updating the HandBrekeCLI typosHeshan
2011-03-16Adding multiple trasncoder compatibility and save all thumbnails for later useHeshan
2011-03-16Fixed the dependencied with the Media module.Heshan
2011-03-15Features integration to the video presetsHeshan
2011-03-15Conversion of the videos are in and tested with mp4 and webm presetsHeshan
2011-03-14Move common codes from the insert and update, and formate the helper thumbnailsHeshan
2011-03-14Adding cron queue to the video schedularHeshan
2011-03-14Added video trnscodig and tested with node on save transcodingHeshan
2011-03-13Remove videoS3 and Video Zencoder modules for D7 and VideoS3 module will cont...Heshan
2011-03-13Completed some transcoding stuff and tested the video convert on save.Heshan
2011-03-11Adding video autoconversion and ported video_ffmpeg database queries to D7Heshan
2011-03-07Remove unwanted JS files and added manual thumbnail update on fallback and ma...Heshan