AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-06-25Updating feature with two new fields (tag and source)feature/tagsSilvio
2013-06-25Allow different data sourcesSilvio
2013-06-25Merge branch 'master' into tagsSilvio
2013-06-25Fixing library_pathSilvio
2013-06-25Tag with a text fieldSilvio
2013-06-25Initial tag supportSilvio
2013-06-25Coding styleSilvio
2013-06-25Fixing library_pathSilvio
2013-06-05Adding classes to widget bodySilvio
2013-05-27Comment fixSilvio
2013-05-27Do not use drupal_not_found() in widgetsSilvio
2013-05-27Adding TimelineJS widgetSilvio
2012-10-30Adding credit and caption for image fieldsSilvio
2012-10-29Removing "tag" field (2)Silvio
2012-10-29Removing "tag" fieldSilvio
2012-10-29Using libraries_get_path()Silvio
2012-10-29Adding date_popup dependencySilvio
2012-10-29Changing event minimum dateSilvio
2012-10-29Removing "edicao" fieldSilvio
2012-10-24Using $base_url at timelinejs sourceSilvio
2012-10-24CSS fallback to the default stylesheetSilvio
2012-10-23Minor fixesSilvio
2012-08-20Enabling alternate and title on image fieldsSilvio
2012-08-20Stronger text on print templateSilvio
2012-08-14Adding print templatesSilvio
2012-08-08Updating featureSilvio
2012-08-08Timeline weightSilvio
2012-08-07Feature updateSilvio
2012-08-06Always convert to single quotes at event templateSilvio
2012-08-06Coding styleSilvio
2012-08-06Default entry when the timeline is emptySilvio
2012-08-03Converting line breaks to avoid unrendered timelineSilvio
2012-08-03Minor fixSilvio
2012-08-03Replacing quotesSilvio
2012-08-03Testing timeline text without tagsSilvio
2012-08-03Using null date for timelineSilvio
2012-08-03Dimensions should be configurableSilvio
2012-08-03Check for a timeline.css in the current theme instead of using a hardcoded valueSilvio
2012-08-02Updating featureSilvio
2012-08-02Cleanup and TODO updateSilvio
2012-08-02Setting language of the timelineSilvio
2012-08-02Adding featureSilvio
2012-08-02Changing event ctype and date fieldSilvio
2012-08-02Adding embed and image fields into the timelineSilvio
2012-08-02Removing timelinejs_field_info()Silvio
2012-08-02More changes in the timelinejs_jsonSilvio
2012-08-01Loading event nodesSilvio
2012-08-01Spliting json templateSilvio